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I put The Fellowship together for you as a reminder of the massive value you provide to the world. Get access to The 21 Declarations—each Declaration comes with a video, essay, and PDF download.

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A constant reminder of the value you provide

Each Declaration in The Fellowship comes with:

  • A video
  • An original essay
  • A PDF download
Get Access to The 21 Declarations

“The Fellowship is the singular most focused, most distilled collection of wisdom that I’ve ever come across in the industry. It’s not only going to give you the professional confidence, it’s also going to reignite you to think about what it is that you want to accomplish with your firm.”

—Jeremy Walter, CFP®

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When you buy The Fellowship, you get instant access to all 21 Declarations—including a video, essay, and PDF for each Declaration.

Get instant access to The 21 Declarations

You help your clients define their goals.

But who is helping you define yours?

Greetings, Carl here.

My guess is that you're really good at helping people define their goals and reach their financial dreams.

But what about you?

Are you creating the type of business you'd hoped for? 

Are you working with clients you love?

My passion is helping people close the gap between their current reality and their dreams. That's why I created this—to help reconnect you to your values so you can get clear on the kind of business you want to build and then go do it.

Each day, you will get an email containing The 21 Declarations, essays, sketches, and videos designed to coincide chronologically with the lifecycle of a client. All to help you be the best Real Financial Professional you can be, from bringing in prospective clients to first and second meetings to keeping clients happy for life.

The Fellowship is for anyone who works with money and humans. It’s for experts and people just starting their careers. It’s for someone working at Merrill Lynch and someone just starting their own firm. If you’re reading this, you didn’t just magically stumble upon this page… chances are, it’s for YOU. 

Read on, my friend.

Nuts and Bolts of The Fellowship

23-Day experience:

Each day for 23 days, you will get an email inviting you to dive into another lesson from The Fellowship. Can’t make it for 23 days straight? Don't worry! All the material is available the day you sign up. But I recommend consuming it slowly, like a delectable 23-course meal!

21 Declarations:

The heart of The Fellowship are The 21 Declarations—25 years of experience and 10,000 hours of conversations with financial professionals in 20+ countries, all distilled into 21 definitive statements (think: commandments) designed to reconnect you, step-by-step, to the values, confidence, and excitement you started with—and what you know to be true.

800-word essays: 

Each Declaration of The Fellowship comes with a short, powerful, #allkillernofiller essay written by me and intentionally engineered to make you reflect on the bare essentials of the work we do as Real Financial Professionals.

5–10 minute accompanying videos:

Audio/visual learners rejoice! These accompanying videos add details to The 21 Declarations and shared essays, and (of course) include my signature brand of teaching: simple, elegant sketches to distill and clarify complex ideas.

2 CE credits:

Two CE credits are available through The Fellowship to U.S.-based CFPs to fulfill the annual Continuing Education requirements. After you complete The Fellowship, you'll have the opportunity to take an assessment to earn two CE credits.

$500 one-time fee:

No, that’s not a deposit. No, there are no hidden fees. No, there’s no monthly payment. Plain and simple.

No discounts:

Not for any of the people who have been through it before, and not for you. Discounts are a hiding place. Hiding is antithetical to what The Fellowship is all about!

Lifetime access:

Anytime you need to, you can return to the confidence forge of The Fellowship. We’ll keep it up for a lifetime—or as long as our tech and tools allow!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jeremy Walter

Gregory Young, MSAFP, CFP®, EA, ChFC®, CLTC

“If you’re a helper, a professional, and a real financial advisor, consider The Fellowship. It was worth it to me! Thank you Carl Richards and team for putting this together for us.”

Jeremy Walter

Georgie Loxton, CFA®

“If ever we need reminding of our value, it’s during a crisis. When the world seems to be falling apart, Carl helped focus my mind and my business. The Fellowship was about more than giving great financial advice, it was about self-preservation.”

Jeremy Walter

Dan Johnson, CFP®

“I'm almost finished with The Fellowship. I'm just floored by how insightful these are. With all the chaos of the past few weeks, these have helped get me back to what matters. Excellent job!”

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 I assume because you're here, you know about this thing that I built called The Fellowship. I want to share with you one thought about why I built it.

The problems aren't getting any better. 

All over the world, if you ask people to describe the way they're feeling about their relationship with money, the word they often use is “anxious.” We've got more news, more apps, more fancy-cool-kid-toys, more books, more podcasts than we've ever had before, and people are still feeling anxious. It's not getting any better for them. 

The only solution I can find (believe me, I've looked) is the work of a Real Financial Professional. 

The challenge is this: people don't know you exist. 

I get hundreds of emails from people telling me as much. They don't know where to find you. 

The only way that will change is if we raise our hands one by one and say, “Here, I made this thing. I hope you like it, it's for you.” 

That thing is your process, your delivery, the way you give financial advice. 

So the reason I built The Fellowship is to give you the ideas, the confidence, the energy, and a flag to rally around so you can raise your hand and say, “I'm here! This is real financial advice. And this is how I do it.” 

That's why I built The Fellowship. And I have no doubt The Fellowship will help. 

It will become a flag you can stick in the ground. 

It will remind you why you got into this business in the first place.

It will give you the confidence to make a difference. 

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I hope you'll join us.