Volume One

Life + Money

Carl Richards

Volume One

100 books + use rights

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About the Content License

The 52 sketches and essays from Volume One, organized in a beautiful
online library for Owners to access at any time.

About the Content Library

The 52 sketches and essays from Volume One, organized in a beautiful online library for Owners to access at anytime.

What you get with the digital object:

  • Do-Whatever-You-Want License (meaning the content is yours to use however you wish).
  • Lifetime access to the material in the library.
  • 52 high-res sketches.
  • 52 essays to copy and paste.
  • A one-hour call with Carl Richards to explore the best ways to use the license at your firm.
  • Marketing best practices and ideas of ways to use the material.
  • Sketch images sized perfectly to use on social media.
  • PDFs of each essay and sketch to print or email.
  • Access to the Volume One Camp recording.


Volume One Camp

A three-hour event with hands-on teaching from Carl and a discussion with other Volume One Owners about creative ways to use the licensed material.

About the Book

Volume One is a collection of elegantly simple visuals
and thoughtful essays on Life and Money.

What you get with the physical object:

  • Limited print release of 3,300 copies.
  • Each Owner of Volume One receives 100 copies.
  • Numbered and signed.
  • Matte finish, flexible softcover.
  • Black, white, and gray color scheme.
  • 8-inch x 8-inch.
  • 128 pages.
  • 52 custom sketches.
  • 52 unique essays.


100 Signed Copies to Give Away

Owners receive 100 signed and numbered copies of a beautiful 8x8 inch matte finish book to keep or give away to clients and soon-to-be clients.

“One of our favorite clients summed it up best: One of the best collections of wisdom I’ve had the pleasure of reading and so incredibly well put together. Very digestible and down to earth.

—Michelle Underwood Gass, CFP®, CPA, RLP®

The Making of Volume One

Good conversations with clients are at the core of everything we, as financial advisors, do. And that’s why I made Volume One—to help people like you have good conversations with clients and clients to be.


See Volume One in Action

Owners of Volume One are taking advantage of their use rights to the material and magnifying their brands through videos, social posts, emails, and more.


“I love how it distills complex subjects into easily digestible content snacks. Also, it has been very useful in helping me create content for my own clients.”

—Jeremy Armagost, CFP®, RICP®, WMCP®

Jeremy Armagost

Greetings, Carl here!

“Volume One: Life + Money” is a unique book.

It's the only book specifically designed to help you have better, more meaningful conversations with your clients.

I created this book for a particular moment.

The moment a client opens it and realizes it's a gift from you.

I designed it for that moment because I want the client to see that you think differently.

I wanted this book to be both a shortcut and a souvenir. A shortcut into the exact kind of conversations you want to be having with your clients. A souvenir for them of the experiences they've had with you. 

In our industry, beautiful design is hard to find. This book is made to stand out as an elegant, beautiful experience. 

I didn't design this for a thumbnail on Amazon or to be something flashy you’d pick up in a bookstore. 

I designed it for you. 

That's why I'm including the use rights to all of the material inside the book, available to you for a lifetime of use.

I believe in the work you're doing, and Volume One was made to support that work.



Ways to Use

Use 52 essays as a weekly newsletter for a year.

Give books away to clients, prospective clients, and family.

An endless supply of content for social media. 

Create presentations full of beautiful visuals that illustrate financial planning.

Post useful visuals that relate to your work on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Print and frame your favorite sketch to display in your office.

Leave a copy in the foyer that will generate conversations.

Make PDFs available for download on your website to generate leads.



Bigger Than Yours
Blind Spots
Things Helped by Worry 
Crush It, Rest 
Other People’s Burdens 
The Lessons Vault 
Getting Ahead
Risk Is What’s Left Over
Security Is a Feeling, Not a Number
Strike Creativity
The Magic Certainty Button
Alpine-Style Life
The Only Goal That Matters
The Entrepreneurship Myth
How Much They Make
Places To Hide
Try a Media Fast 
Process Versus Outcome
Your Future Self 
Incremental Change
I Think I See a Pattern
Next Smallest Step
Complexity Elegant Simplicity
Confirmation Bias


Behavior Gap
Budgeting = Awareness
Product Process Plan
Algorithms Versus Real Life
Money = Feelings
Less Wrong Tomorrow
Buy Good Things
The Cost of Holding On
Goal = Guess
Four-Step Spending Plan
Repeat Until Happy
Loss Aversion
Now and Future
Days or Decades
Marginal Utility and Diminishing Return
Buy Hope
Speculating Versus Investing
Rear View Mirror 
Noise Info Wisdom
Normal Volatility   
Scary Market Hugs
Expectations Reality 
Beating Some Index
Fear and Greed
Talk About Money Try Again

Jeremy Armagost

“I think the best communicators help others by saying ‘I see you. I get you, and here is something I have to offer.’ That’s what Carl’s work has always done and what Volume One helps us do for clients.”

—Matt Hall, Co-Founder & Partner, Hill Investment Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Volume One is sold out.

What was included:

  • Lifetime access to the Content Library, which includes access to 52 of Carl's sketches and essays.
  • Use rights to all content within Volume One.
  • A one-on-one call with Carl to answer your questions and explore the best ways to use your license.
  • Recording of a three-hour workshop with Carl on ways to use the material.
  • 100 books to give away.

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52 Essays, 52 Weeks of Content Marketing

A library of marketing materials custom-made for Real Financial Professionals. There are only 33 people worldwide who have access to it.

This library took me 10 years to build.

It's made to generate the exact type of conversations you want to have with clients and soon-to-be clients.