Create Meaningful Conversations With Your Clients

Volume One: Life + Money

by Carl Richards


Greetings, Carl here!

I recently released “Volume One: Life + Money.”

This book is unique. It's the only book specifically designed to help you have better, more meaningful conversations with your clients.

I created this book for a particular moment.

The moment a client opens it and realizes it's a gift from you.

I designed it for that moment because I want the client to see that you think differently.

I wanted this book to be both a shortcut and a souvenir. A shortcut into the exact kind of conversations you want to be having with your clients. A souvenir for them of the experiences they've had with you. 

In our industry, beautiful design is hard to find. This book is made to stand out as an elegant, beautiful experience. 

I didn't design this for a thumbnail on Amazon or to be something flashy you’d pick up in a bookstore. 

I designed it for you.

I believe in the work you're doing, and this book was made to support that work.



100 Signed Copies to Give Away

Owners received 100 signed and numbered copies of a beautiful 8x8 matte finish book to keep or give away to clients and soon-to-be clients.

Access to an Exclusive Content Library 

Each and every one of the 52 sketches and 52 essays from the book (plus some surprises), organized in a beautiful online library for owners to access anytime.

Our Do-Whatever-You-Want License

This is more than just a book. Owners have the usage rights to the book’s content, meaning they can use it however they would like. (Think: at least a year's worth of content marketing.)

Shareable Ideas

Individual PDFs of each essay and sketch to print, send out to clients by email, or share on your website.

Limited Number Available

There was one print run of Volume One. A limited number of people each received 100 copies of the book.

Ways to Use

Use 52 essays as a weekly newsletter for a year.

Give books away to clients, prospective clients, and family.

An endless supply of content for social media. 

Create presentations full of beautiful visuals that illustrate financial planning.

Post useful visuals that relate to your work on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Print and frame your favorite sketch to display in your office.

Leave a copy in the foyer that will generate conversations.

Make PDFs available for download on your website to generate leads.

Sold Out


  • 100 books
  • Lifetime access to Content Library
  • Use rights to all content


52 Essays, 52 Weeks of Content Marketing

A library of marketing materials custom-made for Real Financial Professionals. There are only a small number of people worldwide who have access to it.

This library took me 10 years to build.

It's made to generate the exact type of conversations you want to have with clients and soon-to-be clients.