The Society of Advice

with Carl Richards


Business mindset coaching for advisors.


You have all the tactics, but why aren't you taking action?

Greetings, Carl Richards here.

After two decades worth of conversations with advisors around the world, I am willing to make a bet:

You know lots of ways to grow your business and hit your goals.

Those are tactics.

But what keeps you from taking action?

My friend, that is your mindset!

You can have the best tactics in the world, but if you don’t have a strong mindset to help you take action, make courageous decisions, and put yourself out there as a leader… you’ll stay stuck.

The Society of Advice is business mindset coaching created just for advisors.

There is no support quite like this in our industry.

If you’re serious about being elite at your craft, building a remarkable firm, and confidently leading your clients, now is the perfect time to join The Society of Advice.

The only thing this group is missing is you!

What's Included:

We work hard to give you less so you have time to apply what you learn to your firm.


Each month, Members get:

  • A 90-minute workshop with Carl and a high-value guest

    Not tons of homework or worksheets to overwhelm you. This is your opportunity to set aside time to think about how you think.

    The workshops will explore the mindset shifts that help you grow your firm, build your habits, and expand your emotional toolset. The workshop guests are inside and outside of finance, so it's not the same old advice we've all heard.

  • An open Q&A with Carl to ask your biggest questions on how to apply the mindset strategies to your firm.

  • At the end of the 90-minute workshop, you will walk away with one thing you can implement around how you think so everything else in your life is built upon a solid foundation.

    Every month, we take advisors through a thoughtful, intentional, and powerful workshop.
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In April, I want to talk to you about how to have “the fee” conversation.

Here’s how this usually goes for most advisors (maybe even you, too)…

You’re having a great call with a prospect.

You’re confident you can help them.

You’re excited they’re a good fit.

But then, it’s time to talk about…

Oh no! Your fees.

Do you know how to explain the massive value you provide as a financial advisor?

⌚ When do you bring it up?

📣 How do you say it?

💪 What if they push back?

If it’s a legacy client and you need to raise your rates because you underpriced your services years ago, how do you have THAT conversation?

I can feel the uneasiness building in your chest just thinking about "the fee” conversation.

The solution is here, so keep reading…

How do you talk about your fees with NEW clients or raise them with CURRENT clients?

(Both are important conversations to have, by the way.)

This is exactly what we will cover in our brand new April workshop in The Society of Advice with Blair Enns.

Blair, our workshop guest, is an absolute powerhouse at helping people close the sale and raise their rates with integrity, confidence, and dignity.

He wrote the wildly popular book “The Win Without Pitching Manifesto.

And here’s the best part…

We’re going to be sharing REAL scripts LIVE in the workshop from other advisors who have successfully raised their rates, too. No theory, just real scripts that work.

Even if you aren’t considering raising your fees, it’s helpful to see how other financial professionals explain the value they bring to their clients in case you compete against them.

You underpriced your services. It’s not your fault, most advisors do. There comes a point when you need to raise fees to run your firm sustainably. But… how do you do that?

Come to our April workshop to learn how to talk about your fees and raise them so they reflect the value you deliver as an advisor.

My friend, no more stumbling on your words when someone asks, “How do you get paid?” We're going to go step-by-step through how to have “the fee” conversation this month!

This is a one-time workshop. Will you join us?

Register now before you forget!

Start your free trial and get access to our April workshop on how to talk about and raise your fees.



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"I really can’t overstate how much value I get from these monthly calls with you and the rest of the gang. The work you do with us radiates out into the work we do with our clients, which then radiates out into the world more broadly. The leverage inherent in this is truly remarkable."

– Andy Baxley, CFP®, CIMA®, MSFP

"One of the things I appreciate the most about my Society of Advice Membership is that the first question on anyone's mind is not how much AUM or how many lists or how many awards someone has gotten, but how big a difference have we made in helping people truly LIVE their life to their fullest and best purpose. The conversation is uplifting, and having the insights of other advisors on how they help clients along this path is very valuable."

– Liz Whitteberry, CPWA®, RMA®, CFA®, CIPM®, ChFC®, AIF®

"I am so excited for our next meeting of The Membership. You are crushing it out of the park with guests. This is a fantastic, amazing, and inspiring group."

– Cobin Soelberg M.D., J.D.